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Lift your customers’ spirits by improving your premises

Your customers’ mood can drastically affect the likelihood that they will purchase goods or services from your business, which why it’s vitally important for your business’s customer-facing premises to spark positive feelings in consumers. The layout and appearance of your premises can change its ambience and the mood it creates in prospective customers. Here at [...]

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Plastering vs drywall

Two of the most popular ways to finish a wall in your home are to use plaster or drywall. Both techniques have their advantages, and both can give your home or office the look you desire. SLP Interiors LTD offers refurbishment services including plastering, and today, we look at plastering versus drywall. 1. A high-end [...]

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Immovable partitions versus demountable partitions

Here at SLP Interiors Ltd, we offer both demountable partitions and immovable ones. Demountable partitions can easily be rearranged at a moment’s notice. Other options (such as our metal stud partitions and some of our glazed partitions) are fixed in place like walls and cannot easily be moved or rearranged after installation. Both demountable partitions [...]

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Keeping with the times to keep up appearances

Start-ups and small businesses often set up their offices in older office buildings because these premises are more affordable. If your business operates out of an older building, you may think that you can’t give your offices a modern, up-to-date appearance. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Even the most outdated office space [...]

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Sound reduction in your office: the possibilities

Noise can be a real distraction in an office, particularly if you have a number of important conference calls to make. The last thing you want in the background of an important call to a client is another conversation or even music pumping out from somebody else’s workspace. A great way around this is sound [...]

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Your four-step guide to rearranging partitions

As we’ve discussed in previous blog entries, one of the main advantages of partitions is that they can be easily rearranged to change the layout of your office. If your business changes as it grows and you need a new office layout to accommodate these changes, partitions can be repositioned almost instantly. Here at SLP [...]

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The advantages of plastering

Here at SLP Interiors Ltd we are best known for our range of impeccable partitions and superb suspended ceilings. However, we also provide a variety of refurbishment services, including plastering. Having your walls plastered offers dramatic benefits. In today’s blog, we’ll take an in-depth look at these benefits and consider how they can help your [...]

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Customising suspended ceilings and partitions to reflect your brand identity

Here at SLP Interiors, we specialise in supplying and installing top-quality suspended ceilings and partitions. Suspended ceilings can hide ducts and wiring, provide insulation and reduce the amount of noise that filters between the floors of your building. Meanwhile, partitions are an ideal way to divide your workplace into different sections in order to keep [...]

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Your start-up needs partitions! Here’s why

Have you recently started your own small business? If so, it’s important to make sure your office space is organised and efficient. As a start-up owner, you need to make sure your new business operates as efficiently as possible in order to grow and develop in a competitive marketplace. There are many ways to organise [...]

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The benefits and advantages of dry lining

Using plasterboard is the modern method to create partition walls that can suit any installation. With a variety of plasterboard available, including sound and fire proofed board, plus aqua board designed to create that dream wet room, dry lining is suitable for domestic as well as commercial premises. So what are the benefits and advantages [...]

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