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What Makes Suspended Ceilings so Popular?

It is no doubt that suspended ceilings are fairly common. You can find suspended ceilings in offices, commercial properties, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other places. Has it ever crossed your mind what made these ceilings so popular? In this article, we have listed some of the reasons why people can’t get enough of suspended [...]

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5 Things to Consider to Make your Office Partitioning a Success

Nowadays, the thought of “community” and “friendship” in office workspace is becoming a trend and with this trend is the emergence of co-working spaces and open plan offices. In order to give a sense of privacy for each individual, partitions are being used in these environments. In order to make your office partitioning a success, [...]

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Update Your Ceiling With These 3 Amazing Ideas

Ceilings might be one of the most overlooked parts of the office since employees spend most of their time on their desk facing their desktops or talking to other staff members. You might never notice but it provides more than lighting and insulation. Ceilings can also dictate the aura of your office and can provide [...]

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Advantages of a Full Office Fit Out

A full office fit out can be an exciting time for any business as the change can bring many benefits not only for your employees but also for the operation and success of your business. Here are the advantages that you'll get when you undergo a full office fit out. Increase employees' productivity A new [...]

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Benefits of Demountable Partitioning in Your Office Space

Demountable partitions provide functionality in today's modern office space. Aside from its contemporary appeal, the partitions' highest selling point is its flexibility. With the rate of how usual alterations of organisations are, mergers, takeovers and the like, it is more cost-effective to dismantle the partitions than to tear a whole office space down. We listed [...]

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Why Choose Drop-Ceilings for Your Home?

If you’re thinking about remodeling or renovating a room, using drop-down ceilings or drop ceilings must be included in your options. Drop ceilings have a lot of benefits that most people are not aware of. Some of these benefits are the following: Easy to Install and Variety of Design Choices Gone are the days that [...]

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The Advantages of Dry-Lining Your Brick Walls

Dry Lining is the process of applying plasterboard directly into the internal brick walls. The plasterboard is applied by mixing a mortar based glue and an applicator. No nails or screws can be seen during the process which means that the finishing touches can only be seen at the edge of the boards. So, why [...]

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Spruce Up Your Suspended Ceilings With These Tricks

If you go to an office or a retail shop, you might come across ceiling grids or what they usually call suspended ceilings. They’re not the polystyrene ceiling tiles that you used to see. Now they are made with versatile materials that give suspended ceiling a unique style. Here are some tips to give a [...]

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Introduce more exercise into the workplace

At the beginning of 2017, it was reported that over 20 million Brits were considered inactive as a result of jobs that left them sat in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. When working in an office environment, you will likely be sat at a desk all day doing very little movement save for [...]

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