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Introduce more exercise into the workplace

At the beginning of 2017, it was reported that over 20 million Brits were considered inactive as a result of jobs that left them sat in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. When working in an office environment, you will likely be sat at a desk all day doing very little movement save for [...]

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Considering an office refit? Maybe this will convince you to take the plunge.

Your office interior is a crucial aspect of our business that should not be easily ignored. In the build-up to the new year, we think now is a great time to consider an office refit, and here are just some of the benefits it could offer your company. Grow your business An office re-fit will [...]

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Top tips to personalise a small workspace

We spend so much time at work these days that it is almost like a second home. It makes sense, therefore, that you would want to personalise your workspace to make it feel more comfortable, no matter the size. Not only will this help improve productivity, but it will also make you feel more positive [...]

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Top tips to stay focused and be productive in the office

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t seem to get focused at work? We’ve all been there, and it can be difficult to overcome, but there are a number of ways to overcome the perils of procrastination and take charge of your To-Do list. Take Regular Breaks It’s important that [...]

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The secret to budget hotel success

At SLP Interiors, we’re proud to say that we have worked alongside some well-known budget hotel companies to create high-quality and functional hotel interiors, with affordability in mind. Through this work, we’ve learnt a couple of key tips that will ensure your guests enjoy a great night away at your hotel. Accessibility is not just [...]

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Could your drop ceiling do with a revamp?

Drop, or suspended, ceilings come with a wide-range of benefits. They are great for sound-proofing, provide excellent insulation, and are useful for improving the aesthetics of your work, or home, environment by hiding unsightly cabling and pipes. For more information on the benefits of suspended ceilings, check out our previous blog "The many benefits of suspended [...]

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5 ways to create the ultimate calming workspace

Working in an office environment can be stressful, draining, and sometimes dull, and if you have important deadlines and client meetings approaching, these stresses are amplified. Taking some time to create a workspace that encourages calm and relaxation could be the key to reducing stress and anxiety at work, while also helping to promote productivity. [...]

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Three top tips to create a captivating retail store

For any retail store, the primary goal is to promote your products so that customers will spend and spread the word. Did you know, however, that this could be impacted by something as simple as your store layout? Here are some retail interior top tips that could help to increase footfall, and sales. Plan a [...]

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Is your office a healthy workplace?

In recent years, there has been a noticeable push for the world to embrace a healthier lifestyle, not only with regards to physical health, but also mental wellbeing. This is not always achievable when you work in the office from 9am to 5am. There is a solution, however: The ‘healthy workplace’. By looking into implementing [...]

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Is your office environment impacting staff morale?

When running a business, you want to ensure that productivity is high at all times. Did you know, however, that your office environment could be hindering the efficiency of your business, and severely affecting the morale of your employees? By considering some simple office interior changes, you could improve the output of your business, and [...]

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