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3 key benefits of suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling is a key part of the design and fitting of a truly custom commercial or office space. As part of the design and fitting of your office space, it is worthwhile considering the benefits of installing a suspended or dropped ceiling by south-west suspended ceiling specialists SLP Interiors as part of your refurbishment.

Improved appearance and aesthetics: 

A suspended ceiling is a relatively simple way of creating a uniform and pleasing ceiling which does not create a distraction and enhances the general appearance of your space. Comprised of a grid system attached to the structure of the original ceiling, a variety of custom panels can be inserted to create a new ceiling at your desired height. Unsightly features and imperfections are readily concealed while retaining ready access for maintenance or minor repairs. SLP Interiors can create a custom fitted ceiling with an exceptional professional finish.

The maximised utility of your office of commercial space 

Custom wiring, technical installations and lighting can be readily arranged in a bespoke designed and fitted suspended ceiling. The space between the new and original ceilings can readily accommodate wiring, pipe-work and fire protection or suppression systems which may be more awkward or even hazardous to install using the walls and floors.

Optimised acoustics

In both commercials, retail and office space good acoustics are desirable for good productivity. Drop ceilings provide great sound insulation and noise absorption, essential for businesses such as call centres. A custom suspended ceiling fitter can design and install modular ceilings that have enhanced acoustic benefits for the comfort of your staff and clientele.

Suspended ceilings installers SLP can assist you with every aspect of designing and installing your bespoke suspended ceiling system with a comprehensive and professional service. We use the highest quality materials and our workmanship meets rigorous health and safety standards.


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