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3 tips for cleaning suspended ceilings

3 tips for cleaning suspended ceilings

In order to keep your home or business’s suspended ceilings Bristol-based looking their best for longer, it’s important to clean them regularly. In order to keep your suspended ceiling looking as good as new, we’ve put together a short list of cleaning tips.

Cover your furniture

Before you start cleaning your suspended ceiling, it’s important to cover all of the surfaces below, particularly if your suspended ceiling is in your kitchen. Covering your appliances, floor and countertops will catch any falling debris and dirt and will reduce the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do later on. You can use old sheets, tarp or drop cloths to cover your surfaces and make sure that you wear protective eyewear before you get stuck in.

Use a hydrogen peroxide solution

One of the most effective ways of cleaning the tiles of suspended ceilings is by using hydrogen peroxide, a mild bleach that will cut through dirt and grime and make your ceiling look fresher and brighter. Mix approximately 25 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide into a litre of water and place it in a spray bottle for easy application. There’s no need to rub or rinse your hydrogen peroxide formula as the chemical will do the job all by itself, so just sit back and let the tiles dry naturally.

Use a dry sponge

For suspended ceilings South West-based that have a protective coating, it’s best to remove any stains or dirt with a dry sponge, which you can purchase for a low price from any cleaning supply store. If your ceiling doesn’t require a deep cleaning but has some loose dirt that needs removing, you can always use a static duster or a lint-free cloth and a vacuum with a long nozzle.

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