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3 tips for deploying partitions in smaller workplaces

Partitions are a stylish, efficient and cost-effective way to separate different parts of a workplace or public space and provide privacy for its users (whether they are employees or members of the public). However, deploying partitions in a smaller space can make the environment feel a little claustrophobic. Subdividing a relatively compact area into even smaller sections will naturally make it seem less spacious. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid this problem. If you need to use partitions to create discreet areas in a smaller workplace, you can follow these simple tips to retain a feeling of space and openness.

1. Opt for glazed partitions

Glazed partitions can be used to create divisions just as effectively as ordinary, opaque partitions. However, unlike opaque partitions, they allow light to pass through them and appear strangely insubstantial and ethereal. As a result, they don’t feel confining and can even lend a sense of increased space to a small area.

2. Choose partitions of an appropriate height

If you have to create private areas in a small workplace or public space, you should avoid choosing partitions that are excessively tall. Taller shutters can feel more confining simply because they partially block one’s upward line of sight. Ergo, they can make the air itself appear enclosed as well as the floorspace. This isn’t a problem in larger spaces because the distance between partitions can negate the effect. In smaller spaces, however, you should opt for partitions which are just tall enough to provide privacy but are low enough not to appear restrictive or imposing.

3. Take lighting into consideration when positioning your partitions

Each discreet area created by your partitions should be as well-lit as possible. This is because good lighting creates a sense of openness, whereas dimness creates a more claustrophobic enclosure. Try to position your partitions so that they don’t obstruct any major light-sources or cast significant shadows in the workplace or public space. Using glazed partitions (as described in Point 1) can help, but you should still position them with care.

Here at SLP Interiors Ltd we offer both partitions and suspended ceilings in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Wells, Gloucester and the south west. If you need any further information about our partitions, or need any more advice on deploying them without effecting the spaciousness in your workplace, feel free to contact us today.


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