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Benefits of Demountable Partitioning in Your Office Space

Demountable partitions provide functionality in today’s modern office space. Aside from its contemporary appeal, the partitions’ highest selling point is its flexibility. With the rate of how usual alterations of organisations are, mergers, takeovers and the like, it is more cost-effective to dismantle the partitions than to tear a whole office space down.
We listed other benefits to have your office space demountable partitioning.

Effective Room Branding

Having partitions and labelling the purpose of each space increases efficiency of the work of your employees. Tagging a space suitable for every office need can produce a more formal and productive appeal.

Functional for Refurbishment

As stated above, demountable partitions are a cost-effective use of office space rather than having permanent walls. As businesses come and go, the office space doesn’t have to be fully demolished, thus providing fewer expenses. If you’re having an office fit out to accommodate larger teams or to just have a new arrangement, partitions can be demounted and placed strategically on other areas of the office. Your employees don’t have to put up with dusty reconstruction that might result in disruption of your business.
Using demountable partitions can also save energy as heating can be done in fewer rooms.

Aesthetic Appeal

Having glass partitions on your office space provides a more open and welcoming appeal, not only to your employees but also to guests as well. It also gives a more modern look and can give the idea that your business allows transparency and flexibility of work. It can make your office look bigger and spacious. Natural lighting can reach most rooms with partitioning, thus giving your office a brighter and neater look. Because of the use of natural lighting to most rooms, you’ll spend less on energy costs.

If you’re looking into installing demountable partitions, Bristol-based SLP Interiors LTD has the knowledge and expertise to create the office space that perfectly represents your brand identity, and can cater for businesses in Bristol and across the South West. If you’re interested contact a member of the team today on 0117 214 0852.


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