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Brand Identity Beyond the Letterhead

 Brand identity is a crucial consideration when building a business. You want to ensure that your target audience understand what you deliver, whilst creating a clear brand identity. However, developing and maintaining your brand identity goes far beyond your choice of business card and website design.
 To maximise your businesses potential, you need to make sure that every aspect of it falls in line, and your office interiors are no different.
Changeable solutions for your changing business.
 With any growing business, change is inevitable, and for flexibility and affordability, sometimes your office needs to be able to change with you. Demountable partitions are lightweight and can be moved as required, meaning they can easily modify your office space as your business develops. This form of partition can effectively be used to create separate work spaces and meeting areas, whilst offering the flexibility that rapidly changing companies require.
Clean and simple – a minimalist’s dream.
 For a simple and classic look, glazed, immovable partitions may be the perfect solution. Whether used as office partitions or conference walls, glazed partitions look clean, simple and professional, whilst creating a light and open space. The addition of beautifully designed suspended ceilings will also provide a crisp modern finish.
Maximise space to minimise clutter.
 Whatever your office space, great or small, maximising the space available will not only minimise general office clutter, but will also provide the professional feel to staff and clients alike. This can easily be achieved through the use of cleverly positioned partitions, however a full-scale office fit out offers the perfect opportunity to truly maximise the space you have, whilst also conveying your business’s brand identity.
 Whether through partitions, suspended ceilings or a complete office refit, Bristol-based SLP Interiors LTD has the knowledge and expertise to create the office space that perfectly represents your brand identity, and can cater for businesses in Bristol and across the South West. For further information, or if you have any questions about our products and services, get in touch today.


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