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Common mistakes when designing a suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings might seem fairly simple to design and install, but that doesn’t stop many people from making mistakes during the process. To ensure you get it right the first time, take a look at the things you need to avoid:

Not having a paper plan

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people assume that all ceilings are the same with some variation in size. However, this just isn’t the case, as every room has individual nooks and crannies that need to be allowed for. Consider your lighting system, whether you have a fan and any posts or columns you might have. All of these will be easy to visualise with a paper plan.

Not preparing the electrics

Before installing your suspended ceiling, it’s important to have most of your electrical systems in place. You’ll have much better access and won’t have to waste time later lifting tiles and trying to rewire the whole office. Whether it’s just the spotlights or a network of computers your suspended ceiling will be containing, both are equally important to install ahead of time.

Leaving leaks

A new ceiling might cover up the damage caused by a leak, but if you fail to address the problem it won’t be long before your new ceiling is damaged too. No matter the problem you have with your roof, you should make sure all of this is in order before investing in a suspended ceiling and electrical work.

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