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Current Trends In Office Fit-outs

Are you looking to refresh your workplace? If you want to stand out from competitors and make a lasting impression on your clients, an office fit out could be just the answer. 

During this process, an office refurbishment contractor will give your commercial space a makeover, ensuring it’s suitable for occupation and expresses your brand. As with any form of interior design, fashions can change so you may be wondering about current office fit out trends. What’s in vogue and what will keep your office looking fresh and timeless?

From suspended ceilings and partition walls to ergonomic furniture, here are some current design elements and trends to inspire your commercial office fit out.

What is an office fit out?

When we talk about office fit out trends, it can be confusing. So let’s recap on what a fit out in a commercial space entails. An office fit out is similar to a refurbishment but it usually involves more than just surface-level changes. 

As well as painting and decorating, an office refurbishment contractor completing a fit out may also add suspended ceilings, partition walls, or mezzanine floors. They might help with carpentry, joinery, plumbing, and electrics, too.


Office fit out design trends

What’s popular in offices right now?


If you want flexibility with your office fit out, consider a modular design. By using thin, movable partitions that can be easily altered, your office refurbishment contractor can create a versatile layout that you can change when necessary. You have the option to re-arrange the partition when new employees join or when you want to encourage team interaction.


Comfort is essential for any office. Businesses that want to focus on supporting their team’s health might want to explore an ergonomic fit out option. With this design, you’ll have a careful layout that offers optimum workspace set-ups to minimise injury. 

To make this design possible, you’ll need ergonomic office chairs, desks, and equipment. 

Open plan

Do your team members need to work collaboratively in one space? An open-plan fit-out removes individual cubicles and rooms so that all employees are together in the same area. It’s a great option if you have a large space and don’t want everyone to feel separate.


We’re all feeling the pinch in this climate, so it pays to invest in good insulation and reduce your energy bills. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet, too. Suspended ceilings are a great way to lower your energy consumption and stay warm in buildings with tall ceilings. By adding a secondary layer (also known as a drop ceiling or false ceiling), you can reduce the amount of space you need to heat.

This, along with a focus on sustainable, natural materials can make a more comfortable and eco-friendly office. Why not fill the space with plants for an oxygen boost as well as aesthetics?


Expert office fit outs from SLP Interiors

Looking for an office refurbishment contractor in the South West? At SLP Interiors, our expert contractors have the skills and experience to carry out an office fit out that’s not only practical but also represents your brand identity.

We’ve provided a range of businesses across Bristol and the South West with high-quality commercial office fit outs. Whether you’re in need of a full Cat B fit out or want to invest in a drop ceiling, we’re here to help.

For more details, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team members – send an email or call us on 0117 2140852. Need more inspiration? Explore our previous projects to see what we can do!


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