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Decorate your Suspended Ceilings With These Three Easy Steps

Suspended ceilings are installed to cover up exposed units such as pipes, wires, plumbing and ventilation system. These ceilings are cost-efficient and easy to install that is why they are widely used in commercial properties. But other than hiding structural and mechanical components, drop ceilings can look bland.

If you want to revamp the look of your suspended ceilings without breaking the bank, we have compiled these three easy steps so you can start a DIY project with your coworkers and put art on this blank canvas.

1. Brainstorm designs
Consider the type of business you have. If you’re niche is within the bike industry, decide on a concept that best suits the vibe of the market. The biking industry in the UK is currently rising as people in the city ditch cars to avoid traffic. Do away with the bohemian theme as biking these days have a more modern appeal. With this in mind, start creating a variety of designs by using construction papers as your canvas.

Have the most artistic person in the team decide the pattern of the drawings. You can also print pictures of the best looking bikes and decorate them to fit with your desired theme. Punch a hole at the top center of each cut outs and thread a line. Decide on where best to put them and decorate your suspended ceilings with these DIY designs.

2. Choose the main colour
If you’re going for a modern theme, choose a minimalist colour palette such as rich earthy tones or darker shades of pink. You can also use a fabric that has a pattern if you don’t want a single tone of colour. Note the size of the section of the suspended ceiling you want to cover and add an extra 3 feet. Lift the tiles and pull the fabric over the metal supports.

3. Add finishing touches
The props that are made earlier can be placed on metal supports to finish your entire design. Make sure that they are kept over ceiling tiles and not on top of the supports.


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