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Get the latest trends in suspended ceilings

Get the latest trends in suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are quickly catching on in the commercial and residential scene, with more creative designs on demand. There is a revolution on the rise as more people venture into bespoke suspended ceiling designs, and you certainly do not want to be left behind. The following is a list of trends that you can get for a holiday makeover or better yet, whenever you need a sleek touch for your suspended ceilings.

Mood board ceilings

Suspended ceilings are often used to hide structural faults in most spaces, but that does not mean that they need to be drab. You can incorporate white mood board panels in your ceilings for serenity and a tranquil feel. If you are a suspended ceilings Wells-based customer who wants to give your space a makeover, try incorporating shades of grey and earthy tones for a warm feeling.

Multi-faceted suspended ceilings

If you love statement ceilings, then multi-faceted ceilings will be an absolute favourite. Suspended ceiling tiles come in many shapes, allowing you to have simple and intricate geometric designs. Triangular suspended ceilings are currently gaining popularity, making them a must-have. If you are a UK suspended ceilings Bath client, and would love to get creative, try a circular pattern or a pyramid for elegance.

Coloured ceilings

A painted ceiling in a colour of your choice is another sleek trend for any risk-taker. Whether you love blue, green or even red, try painting your suspended ceilings with any of these to add personality to your room. You can also add different types of drawings to cover sections of your ceilings for extra flare.

If you are a suspended ceilings Glastonbury client or live in the South West and are looking to add personality to your space, get in touch with SLP Interiors for a refurbishment.


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