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Hard Times, Suspended Ceilings

Hard Times, Suspended Ceilings

Maybe you’re a business owner in Swindon, an office-block owner in Central Bristol or you run a beleaguered co-working space in Gloucester ‒ either way, between the current economic climate and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, now might seem like quite a peculiar time to invest in a suspended ceiling for your office space.

It’s possible, however, that a suspended ceiling could actually help rather than hinder your enterprise as we enter a period of uncertainty and tightening budgets.


Businesses throughout the South West are struggling with a demoralised and distracted workforce, stuck at home with buzzing phones, wailing children or vulnerable loved ones. Upon their return to work, however, they’ll undergo yet another adjustment period. Suddenly being thrust back into a bustling, noisy work environment might lead to overstimulation and poor productivity.

Suspended ceilings ‒ well-known to reduce ambient noise, improve lighting and create a “getting-serious” atmosphere ‒ are an affordable solution, helping your employees recalibrate and focus.

Clear Business Case

The evidence suggests we’re about to enter a period of fast-and-loose lending, to stimulate economic growth. Banks won’t just be giving out loans willy-nilly, however, but seeking out smart companies who know what to spend their money on.

A suspended ceiling is always a good bet if you want to convince a miserly branch manager you’re playing to win long term, as often the savings in energy, cleaning and ventilation costs result in a positive Return On Investment (R.O.I.) anyway.

Air Circulation

Employees are rightfully worried about returning to work in a season of illness. Ventilating large, open office spaces is hard, and this can lead to stale air being rebreathed by multiple employees, with obvious risk.

So, a positive ventilation system installed through a suspended ceiling can even help reassure and protect your employees against the coronavirus!
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