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Home Renovation: Suspended Ceilings Ideas & Designs

Home Renovation: Suspended Ceilings Ideas & Designs

A ceiling is often an (ironically) overlooked feature. We know they’re there but don’t often take time to look at them. However, suspended ceilings can bring a new lease of life to both commercial and residential properties.

If you’re looking to renovate your home, why not get creative with your suspended ceiling and make it a central part of your favourite room? It can make a real difference to your home’s aesthetic. Read on for some of our favourite design ideas.

What is a suspended ceiling?

Suspended ceilings (also known as drop ceilings) hang from brackets on the underside of the roof or slab. The brackets support panels that are great for hiding pipework and insulating older, draughty properties. They can be very beneficial for adding detail and contemporary design to period properties without worrying about compromising the structural integrity of the house itself.

Suspended ceilings are also quick to install and easy to maintain. You can get the look you want in no time.

There are three main types of suspended ceilings: lay in grids, clip in ceilings, and metal framework (M/F) ceilings. If you’d like to learn more about these and see which one would work best for your home renovation, feel free to contact the SLP Interiors team.

But would you like to know our favourite thing about drop ceilings? It’s their versatility. Whichever type of suspended ceiling you choose, you can tailor a design to your tastes and completely transform a room. It doesn’t have to be plain! Whether you go for bold colour plastering or choose intricate tiling, you can put your own stamp on it far more easily than with an exposed ceiling.

Design ideas

Whether it’s for your living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, you can incorporate a range of materials and styles into your suspended ceiling. Looking for some inspiration?

Freshen up with foliage

Why not bring the outdoors inside with some beautiful plant life? Adding plants or artificial greenery can be a great way to brighten up your drop ceiling. Just remember to speak to a fit-out specialist for advice on how much weight you can attach to your ceiling panels.

Add contemporary drama

If you’re keen to go for something bold, consider a black coffered design. Coffered tiles have a sunken centre and raised border that help disguise the suspended ceiling grid. They add a sense of grandeur and this can be enhanced with a lick of dark paint — think black or midnight blue. Paired with light walls and dark accents, this kind of drop ceiling can make a real statement.

Think au natural

If you’d prefer something lighter, look for neutral tones with a bit of extra texture. Smaller tiles work well or, alternatively, look for pale wood panels.

Choose metallic chic

If you’d like to perfectly blend modern and antique aesthetics, a metal ceiling could be a great way to go. Copper effect tiles add vintage charm in a contemporary way and are sure to impress guests. Metallic suspended ceilings can help tie together other shimmering accents in the rest of your interior design.

Suspended ceilings in Bristol and beyond

If you’re looking to spruce up your home in the South West, the talented SLP Interiors team is here to help. From Bath and Wells to Swindon and Gloucester, we can help you install your dream suspended ceilings. We have experience in both commercial office fit-outs and home renovations.

So, whether you’d like something subtle or a striking ceiling that makes an impact, why not give us a call to discuss your design ideas?