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How office design impacts employee wellbeing

The overall design and aesthetic of the office has a huge impact on employee wellbeing and happiness while at work, which in turn has a direct impact on your company. The quality of the office in which your employees are conducting their day-to-day activities also has more of an effect on morale than you might think.

Office layout and privacy

Not only do employees need an open environment so they can communicate with each other efficiently, but they also need private spaces in order for them to focus and concentrate on specific tasks. An office partition with the right design can be the key to employees being more comfortable and better able to focus and carry out their work without feeling isolated from other staff members. Additionally, partitions encourage organised spaces, in which different utilities can be allocated to each area e.g. break rooms and meeting spaces.

Natural light

When considering office layout, glazed partitions can be used optimally to preserve the flow of natural light in the office. This may seem like a trivial factor, but it contributes to the performance of employees more than you think. Access to natural light can reduce stress and improve the morale of the team, which will have a positive outcome for your company. It’s been shown that suitable access to natural light yields both mental and physical health benefits, which is definitely something to consider preserving for employees.

Simply because it looks good!

The overall aesthetic of the office plays a big role in an employee’s perception of the company they work for. The use of well-designed partitions, ergonomically satisfying layouts or well-optimised suspended ceilings are some base considerations for an office in which you want your staff’s productivity to be enhanced. A staff member is more likely to be encouraged to be more productive if they are working in an environment that tends to their wellbeing.

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