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How to Impress Clients with Your Reception Area

A business’s reception area should leave a lasting impression with your customers. With this in mind, it is important to have a clean,tidy and efficient foyer reflecting the professional image of your company. This way, your clients will have more confidence in doing business with you. If you are looking to have an office refurbishment, here are some design techniques that you can apply to your reception area.


 There are many ways to make your office more calming and spacious. You may opt to downsize some of your furniture that could be congesting your foyer. Installing a glass partition displaying your company logo, can help to develop your brands identity while making your waiting room airier and well lit.


Giving a new colour to your reception area is another way to improve its aesthetics. If you want your front desk to look more welcoming, use warm and cheerful colours. For a calming vibe, a neutral colour will be ideal. To project an upbeat culture, you can use brightly coloured accents.


For offices that have suspended ceilings, using recessed lighting is a good choice. While it is low profile, it can provide the natural lighting you need. Natural light can make your space more welcoming and easier on the eye, benefiting not only your guests but your staff as well.


Decorative accessories can go a long way in achieving a reception area that creates a statement. You can play with design elements such as lines, forms, textures and patterns to create a cohesive style.

At SLP Interiors, we provide full commercial or retail fit outs, as well as installation of suspended ceilings and partitions (solid or glazed). For any enquiries, please contact us on 0117 2140852 or email us at [email protected].


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