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How to improve your office acoustics through suspended ceilings

f you’ve ever worked in an office environment, you have probably had the unpleasant experience of trying to have a telephone conversation in a noisy room. You know firsthand that the acoustics in an office can greatly affect concentration and productivity, and the more open the office space, the worse it gets. Trying to ignore your coworkers’ conversations and focus on your work when working within close proximity to them is hard enough without having to have those conversations prolonged by echoing.

Improving office acoustics

Reverberations are what happens when sound resonates in an environment making it noisier. This negatively affecting speech intelligibility and concentration in the workplace. Reverberation time is how long, in seconds, it takes for a sound to stop propagating. The more open the office space, the less furniture in a room and the harder the surrounding surfaces, the longer the reverberation time. Reducing this time is the best way to quieten down an office space.

Suspended ceiling systems

Office acoustics can be greatly improved by installing suspended ceiling systems. The materials used in suspended ceilings and the way they are installed play a big part in reducing unwanted noise.

At SLP Interiors Ltd we specialise in installing suspended ceiling systems which can greatly improve office acoustics. We have worked with suspended ceilings in Gloucester as well as installed suspended ceilings in Bath and several other locations. We work with high-quality materials and have the experience and expertise in installing them in the most effective way possible to reduce unwanted noise as much as possible. This, in turn, not only helps office workers be more productive but also helps make their office space a much more pleasant environment to work in.


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