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How Unique Office Designs Boosts Creativity

It is believed that office design and layout affects creativity within the workplace. Companies who have interesting office designs often have higher retention rates and their excellence in their respective industries is also impeccable. In fact, tech giants like Google and Facebook follow this philosophy. So, if you’re wondering how to nail these unique designs to boost your company’s creativity, here are some ideas to get you started.

Use Happy Colours and Images

Utilise light or bright colours in your office space to inspire your staff. Light blue colours develop mental clarity while red may trigger aggression. Visually appealing images can be included as well to encourage daydreaming and freethinking, which in turn improves employees’ creativity.

Create Open Space Environments

Companies often create common areas where employees can gather to brainstorm or hold meetings, grab a lunch together and openly converse. These spaces don’t only improve employee engagement, they also encourage people to get to know each other, which can be hard when they’re always in their workstations.

Develop An Active Work Space

Different businesses also aim to create workspaces that allow its employees to move around and not be stuck in their desks. This way, they could collaborate with other staff easily and they could either walk or move around to make them feel re-energised. Active workspaces support flexibility and movement, which helps in employees’ productivity.

Take note of these design and layout ideas to make your employees feel positive and more enthusiastic in their work. When your company encourages freethinking and advancement, creativity will certainly follow.Are you considering an office fit out? We at SLP Interiors, have over 30 years of experience in providing office fit-out to a range of business across the South West. We also offer full commercial or retail fit of suspended ceilings, partitions (solid or glazed), dry lining and plastering. Please call us on 0117 2140852 or email us at [email protected] and we will be in contact with you promptly.


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