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Improving productivity with partitions

Did you know that installing partitions in your workplace can drastically increase your business’s productivity? It might sound strange, but it’s true. Here at SLP Interiors Ltd., we believe that partitions can make a huge difference to the way your workplace functions, thereby enabling your employees to carry out their jobs more efficiently. But how exactly does installing partitions change and improve a workplace? We’ll answer that question in today’s blog entry.

1. Improving lines of sight and communication

Partitions can replace dividing walls in many offices and workplaces. This is important because dividing walls completely prevent workers in different areas from seeing and communicating with each other. If you have dividing walls in place, employees have to leave their workstations if they need to talk to their colleagues in another area. In contrast, it’s easy for workers to pop their heads round partitions (or simply stand up to look over them) and communicate with their colleagues instantly. This encourages rapid information-sharing and improves your employees’ ability to coordinate their efforts when dealing with large, complex tasks.

2. Providing privacy

While partitions can facilitate communication between workers, they can also add privacy. Completely open workspaces can be off-putting, as people require a sense of privacy in order to focus and produce their best work. You can use partitions to create private areas around workstations that are currently completely open. This will improve workers’ ability to create high-quality work simply by giving them the privacy they need to focus.

3. Freeing up space

Partitions take up less space than dividing walls and other barriers. They can also be arranged in space-saving ways far more easily. By replacing existing barriers with partitions, you can free up floor space and even rearrange your workplace to be more space-saving. This will allow you to fit in more vital office equipment while making it easier for employees to move around. Clearly, improving access to office equipment and ease of movement will lead to increased productivity.

Here at SLP interiors Ltd., we offer office refurbishment, partitions and suspended ceilings in Bath, Swindon, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Wells, Gloucester and the South West. If you own a business in any of these areas and want to make it more efficient, get in touch with us today.


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