Is a suspended ceiling right for me?

A suspended ceiling is great to have if you have a certain type of room. Some things may make a suspended ceiling impractical or unsuitable for a room. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not to get a suspended ceiling.

1. Height of the room

Typically a suspended ceiling can hang anywhere between three and eight inches below the original ceiling. This means that if a room is small in terms of height then a suspended ceiling may be unwise as it could cause issues for taller people and items. Typically we’re referring to residential rooms here as opposed to industrial or commercial properties.

2. Type of property

As briefly mentioned in the previous point, suspended ceilings are usually better for one type of property over another. The majority of suspended ceilings are installed in commercial properties, as it allows for effective concealment of other fixtures and installations, for instance, wiring. The added space between the suspended ceiling and the original one also gives additional room for heating, air conditioning and new light fixtures so is ideal for property-holders looking to modernise or update their rooms. However, suspended ceilings can be perfect for homes too – contact us for more advice!

3. Aesthetic elements

This isn’t so much a make-or-break point to be made, but rather asking yourself what you want your suspended ceiling to look like. There are many components of ceiling design to think of, such as the size and colour of tiles. Not only this, but you should take into consideration the humidity and temperature of the room as this will affect the recommended material of ceiling tiles.

Overall, there are a lot of parts to consider when thinking about suspended ceilings and it can be difficult or frustrating. If you’re unsure, get in contact with us here at SLP and a friendly member of our team will be able to give you useful, confident advice. We offer the best suspended ceilings Bath residents can rely on, as well as Gloucester, Swindon, Glastonbury and other areas.

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