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Office Renovation Ideas for Increased Productivity

Any smart business owner knows that the success of one’s business is dependent on the employees they hire. By setting the right environment, you can make your business attractive to potential recruits. Additionally, your workplace will say a lot about you and the culture of your business. The better the office space, the greater chance that your employees will enjoy working and be more productive. If you’re thinking of doing an office renovation to increase your employees’ productivity, here are some tips:

1. Remove the cubicles and knock down the walls.

Companies such as Facebook and Google discovered that employees work better in a large open space which allows them to communicate and interact with each other which enhances teamwork.

2. Recreation is important.

Another innovative addition to workspaces is the installation of recreational areas. So, if you have extra space and available budget in your office renovation expenses, why not consider installing a small gym or a games room? This allows employees to unwind and release stress.

3. Reflection Zones

There are times when employees need to isolate themselves in a quiet room in order to collect their thoughts, especially if they are working on a complex business problem. When planning your office renovation, include a quiet space where employees can relax.

4. Colours affect creativity

When renovating, consider the effect different colours can make to a person’s mood and creativity. There are colours that stimulate brain activity while there are colours that can cause employees to feel drowsy.

5. Upgrade your kitchen

If your kitchen is dull and dismal looking, include this in your office renovation. Employees need a clean, well-equipped kitchen during their breaks. You may also include a kitchen canteen so that the employees don’t need to leave the building for a meal.

6. Large, bright windows

If you have small dingy windows, it’s time to replace them with large and bright ones that allows natural light to come in.

The extent of your office renovation depends on your available budget. To make employees happy and more productive, give them an office space where they feel comfortable and safe. SLP Interiors can provide you with an office fit- out that can maximise the efficiency of your work environment. We have extensive experience in internal refurbishment, including retail, commercial and leisure industries. We carry out office interior projects throughout the South West & UK.


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