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Optimise office space – no matter the size

Your company could have the one of the best products, teams and business strategies currently available. But if you’re office is lacking in style, or efficient use of space, then this could have a serious impact on staff productivity and client impression. No matter the size or shape of your office space, you need to optimise what’s available, to make the most of your business.
When working in a smaller office space, you need to ensure that you maximise every square-inch available.
 The last thing you want for your business is a cramped working environment. Not only could this look unprofessional for potential clients, but it could seriously affect the productivity of your staff.
 Demountable partitions provide a simple solution to make the most of even the smallest office spaces. They can easily be moved, or removed, dependent on what your business needs, and can create a multi-room office space without the need for confining, solid walls.
 Glazed partitions, whilst a fixed structure, will really take full advantage of the existing light in your office, creating the illusion of a larger space. They’re also perfect for separating rooms that require a little more privacy.
Larger offices can sometimes feel too expansive, which could result in a great deal of wasted space.
 More space may seem like a dream come true, but if you’re unable to fill it effectively, your office could look rather empty, and it may end up increasing your energy costs.
 If your office feels more like a warehouse at times, a suspended ceiling would be a stylish addition whilst eliminating any dead space created by the higher ceilings.
 Once again, demountable partitions are an extremely adaptable solution. Their versatility that multiple work spaces can be created, once again making certain that your office space is effectively being utilised.
 If you have any questions about how to make the most out of your office space, contact SLP Interiors today on 0117 214 0852.


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