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Redesigning your office for the New Year – Suspended ceilings and beyond

Redesigning your office for the New Year – Suspended ceilings and beyond

As 2019 begins to draw to a close, many businesses will be looking ahead to the New Year. One thing that may be part of your strategic planning for 2020 is an office re-design. It may be that you feel your current office design is not fit for purpose or that it simply needs freshening up. Whatever the reason, there are some great design tips to take on-board when having any work done.

But which are the best to take advantage of?

Suspended ceilings

One great idea when revamping any office space is to install suspended ceilings. Also known as drop ceilings, these will give your workplace an instant new look and lots of extra style. Having suspended ceilings installed is cost-effective too, which makes them an affordable way to transform your office. As well as making your working environment a more inviting place, they will also lower your ceiling height and save you money on energy bills. When you also add in the soundproofing qualities they deliver, suspended ceilings are a superb option for any New Year office rejig.

New flooring

Once your ceilings are sorted, how about refreshing your flooring? Many offices have worn out carpet tiles which have seen better days. This doesn’t present the best image to clients and also does not make it a great place to work in. Whether you simply replace with new carpet tiles or go for another flooring solution altogether, this does not have to cost lots and will certainly help any working space look better.

Consider what colours are on the walls

It has long been known that colours have the ability to affect how we think and feel. This is something that you could use in any office re-design to your advantage. Painting walls a shade of red, for example, could give workers extra energy while blues may be better for customer service agents who need to stay calm. Putting different paint on your office walls will not only have positive effects on your employees’ mood, but it will also make the building a nicer place to be.

Contact SLP Interiors Ltd today

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