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Replace your suspended ceiling tiles with 4 easy steps

Suspended ceilings may occasionally feel dull, and you may be wondering how to revamp your space. They may also suffer damage and get worn out. Whichever of these cases, SLP Interiors offers you these easy steps to help you replace your suspended ceiling.

Protect furniture and other household items

Begin your DIY by using drop cloths to cover furniture and other accessories that are beneath the suspended ceiling tiles.

Remove the old tile

Place a step ladder under the first tile. Proceed by pressing upwards and lifting the suspended tile. Tilt it while making sure to shift lengthwise until a gap appears in the frame. You can then lift the overlapping end of the tile and tilt it to one side. Pull it down through the opening in the frame and repeat this for all tiles.

Measure the new tile

If the tiles are larger, all you need to do is measure the size of the old tile and use a knife to cut the new tile to the perfect fit. SLP Interiors ensure that suspended ceilings Wells clients get tiles of their preferred sizes.

Install the new tile

Fit the new suspended ceiling tile by tilting it on its side and slipping it through the open frame lengthwise. Make sure that it is above the support tracks and then slide it and level it into position. Repeat this for all your tiles. If you are a UK suspended ceilings Bath client, or in the neighbouring region, you can also call SLP Interiors experts to help you with the fitting.

These easy steps ensure that you can customise your property with the best and most modern styles. You can also call SLP Interiors if you are a suspended ceilings Shepton Mallet client looking for cost-friendly tiles.


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