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The secret to budget hotel success

At SLP Interiors, we’re proud to say that we have worked alongside some well-known budget hotel companies to create high-quality and functional hotel interiors, with affordability in mind. Through this work, we’ve learnt a couple of key tips that will ensure your guests enjoy a great night away at your hotel.
Accessibility is not just about location.
It’s great to find an affordable hotel in a great location, but in reality, accessibility goes beyond proximity to local amenities and transport links. It is also important to ensure that the hotel interior is practical and accessible, without compromising on comfort and quality. Furniture should be of good quality but also practical. Filling the room with unnecessary furniture will create a cramped environment with limited room to move about. This will also affect the comfort of your guests.
It’s all in the finishing touches.
To keep your guests comfortable, relaxed, and ensure they enjoy a great night’s sleep, promoting a sense of luxury is always a good way to go. This doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour, however, and can be achieved through features such as soft furnishings, clean and simple décor, and even sound-proofing to guarantee a quiet and peaceful environment. The in-room facilities available will also help to encourage relaxation, with simple additions including a television, internet access, and plenty of charging outlets.
All of this can be achieved with the help of an experienced interior specialist, and at a budget that suits you. If you’re looking for a little help to achieve a relaxing hotel interior, with affordability in mind, contact SLP Interiors today. We’ve worked with the likes of Premier Inn and Travelodge to create a comfortable hotel environment for all to enjoy.
SLP Interiors specialises in creating corporate and retail interiors specifically suited to each individual client.


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