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Simple ways to include biophilic design into your office

Biophilic design refers to connecting indoor exteriors with the outdoors. In an office environment, including elements of nature and aspects of biophilic design has been proven to improve productivity and creativity whilst reducing stress. So, how can you include biophilic design in your office?

• Glass partitions

Instead of wooden or metal partitions opt for glass partitions to allow for more natural light to flow through your office. If you require more privacy from your partition the glass can be decorated with your company logo or glazed to ensure you have complete privacy but light can still enter through the partition. Alternatively, choose mobile partitions that can be moved or dismantled when no longer required.

• Overhead lighting

Install skylights into your suspended ceiling to allow as much sunlight as possible to enter the building. If this is not possible, install artificial skylights overhead to create a bright work environment for employees that feels similar to natural daylight. Simple tasks like regularly cleaning office windows can have a large impact on improving the lighting of an office too.

• Plants

Add plants to your office, e.g. on the desk at reception or in your break room, to incorporate elements of the natural world into your office space. If you are considering a complete office fit-out, more natural elements can be added to your office such as a plant feature wall or artwork inspired by outdoor environments.

From fit-outs to installing suspended ceilings South West businesses can rely on, SLP Interiors can help you effectively include elements of biophilic design into your office or workspace. For more information on the services we provide, such as installing suspended ceilings Gloucester businesses and surrounding areas love, contact us today.


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