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Spruce Up Your Suspended Ceilings With These Tricks

If you go to an office or a retail shop, you might come across ceiling grids or what they usually call suspended ceilings. They’re not the polystyrene ceiling tiles that you used to see. Now they are made with versatile materials that give suspended ceiling a unique style. Here are some tips to give a little artistic vibe to your suspended ceilings.
Explore Shapes
Usually arranged in a grid, suspended ceilings are popular in offices. This grid arrangement creates a minimalist look that is suitable for an office set-up. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play with shapes.  Since suspended ceiling tiles are now made with plasterboard, you can choose to create any shape that you want, like a circular one for restaurants or dining places.
Play with Colours
Suspended ceilings are not just white. They can come in all colours. Whether you want it to fit your brand’s identity or you just want a striking assemblage, the variety of colours available for suspended ceilings can do that effectively.
Incorporate Lighting
Since suspended ceilings are not installed the same way as normal ones, you have to think outside the box in order to incorporate the lighting that you want to achieve. For offices, you would want to lessen the glare so it would be best to add a diffuser to suspended ceilings. You can install these lighting anywhere you want in your suspended ceiling’s grid.
Suspended ceilings have evolved so much since the introduction of polystyrene tiles, and it’s time that you try it out yourself. If you’ve decided to have suspended ceilings installed in your space, SLP Interiors Ltd. can help you with that! We will be happy to provide the suspended ceiling that fits you and your vision. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


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