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Suspended Ceiling versus Dry Lining Ceiling: Which Is Better?

The choice of ceiling always makes a difference in the overall aesthetic of any space. Builders and homeowners frequently find themselves torn between a suspended ceiling and a dry lining ceiling. While both ceiling types are excellent, there are several factors that can affect whether they can work for your home refurbishment or office fit-out project or not.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of suspended ceilings and dry lining ceilings.

What is the ceiling height?

Dry lining is a convenient solution for low ceilings, which is a common scenario in basements of most older houses. This is because they can be applied directly onto the main floor joists. Suspended ceilings need at least three to six inches of clear space under the floor joists. This means they will make your ceiling even lower.

Are there electrical wires and plumbing pipes under the floor joist?

Most building safety codes prohibit concealing electrical junction boxes or wiring and plumbing pipes because they should be accessed easily during maintenance and emergency situations. This is a problem with dry lining ceiling because it covers these necessities permanently. This is a notable winning quality of suspended ceiling systems because you have permanent access.

Do you need to sound-proof the room?

Are you going to use the room as an entertainment area where you can enjoy movies at full volume, as a quiet retreat to read books and relax, or as a home office,if so, a suspended ceiling will be your best bet. Because they require a space between the floor joists and the ceiling and are made with quality sound-absorbent materials, suspended ceiling systems are preferred for their incredible acoustics and noise-reduction properties

Suspended ceilings suppliers in Bristol

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