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Suspended ceilings keep you warm

Suspended ceilings keep you warm

The UK is a cold country, especially in late autumn and winter. This can mean that buildings with very high ceilings can get very cold, chilling the people who live or work within them – sometimes to the point that productivity is affected! Turning up the heating can help, but this can get expensive, chewing into the delicate profit margin, and a thoughtlessly opened window or door propped open while delivery is brought in can undo all the benefits of the heating.

Suspended ceilings can help to keep the overall temperature of the building up, in a couple of ways.

Less to heat

The smaller space created by the lowering effect of a suspended ceiling means that your heating system does not have to work so hard to raise the overall temperature to a comfortable degree. This means that the offices will warm up quickly when the heating comes on in the morning, and the ideal temperature will rapidly be regained, should the door or windows need to be opened for any reason.

Heat rises

Everyone who has done basic science is aware that heat rises. This means that when a heater or radiator is switched on, the heat will rise all the way to the ceiling and then proceed to heat the room. Without a suspended ceiling, your offices can lose an awful lot of heat as your heating system (and the money you pay for it) try to warm the expanse of space between the ceiling and the floor. Suspended ceilings bring that volume of space down, closer to where the warmth is needed, meaning that it takes less time for the maximum height to be reached and for the heat to return to ground level.

Feels cosy!

Finally, UK suspended ceilings, whether you are in Bath, Gloucester or Glastonbury make an office space more intimate and cosy – so that you subconsciously feel warmer, even if the temperature is the same with a high ceiling or a suspended one!

For suspended ceilings, South West England is ably served by SLP Interiors. We have been installing suspended ceilings all over the South West for many years, and will soon have you warm and cosy and saving money on your heating bills!


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