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Suspended ceilings South West – rise to the challenge of employee wellbeing

With unprecedented times going on in the world at the moment, when we finally do get back into the workplace there is going to be a strong emphasis on a culture of wellbeing for employees. The mental and physical health of your valued workers will be of utmost importance and although not limited, one way of achieving this will be through offering a warm, modern and inviting space in which they can work. This should take into account ergonomics, retreat spaces, modern meeting rooms and inspirational branded environments. One part of a redesign that can completely change the feel and look of an office space, is through the introduction of suspended ceilings.

Practical benefits of suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings South West can help create a space for you that hides piping and wires, drowns out the noise and delivers lighting systems that will reduce eye strain from computer work, therefore, increasing productivity levels. Improving acoustic absorption will give workers a more comfortable space to carry out their duties and suspended ceilings will also vastly improve insulation, not only offering comfort and warmth but also meeting fire regulation legislation and reducing heating bills.

Interior design benefits of suspended ceilings

The versatile design elements of a suspended ceiling will raise your game when it comes to creating an inspirational place to work. Whether you’re including collaborative spaces, private areas or coffee break retreat rooms, a suspended ceiling can dramatically change the mood of office space by using a number of decorative elements such as sculptural design, raw materials, recessed lighting, lacquered gypsum or patterning techniques.

At SLP interiors, we can install suspended ceilings in the South West, from Bath to Bristol and Gloucester to Glastonbury, not only offering practical and technical solutions but also design elements that can transform the workspace and promote a sense of wellbeing for your employees.


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