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Suspended Ceilings Swindon: Banish The Boring With These Design Tips

Suspended Ceilings Swindon: Banish The Boring With These Design Tips

Considering a commercial fit out for your office? This could be a good time to bring the design of your suspended ceilings up to date.

Dropped ceilings are useful for concealing pipes and electrical cables. They can be insulated to reduce heating bills and noise pollution while leaving access to services. The benefits of false ceilings are obvious but rows of grey ceiling tiles are not the most inspiring sight.

What if you could turn your ceiling into your fit out’s finest feature? Now read on to find out how.

It doesn’t have to be white

Think of your ceiling as a blank canvas just waiting for you to personalise it. Even if you’re limited to ceiling tiles a wide range is now available that lets you use your creative flair to add a real edge to your design.

Drop it

Your ceilings don’t have to be all on one level, either. In fact, dramatic effects can be created when you use a dropped ceiling to mirror other architectural elements in a space. Combine with LED lighting to create brilliant ambient effects that enhance your office.

Create a mirror

With metal frame ceilings and plastering, you can incorporate elements from the rest of your design including materials used in flooring and doors. This creates a seamless effect where the design theme is carried throughout the entire space.

SLP Interiors

At SLP Interiors we can create suspended ceilings Swindon office users from CEOs to PAs will love. Contact us today to find out more.


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