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Suspended ceilings Swindon – the obvious choice, whatever your project needs

Suspended ceilings Swindon – the obvious choice, whatever your project needs

It’s 2020 and you’re about to start your office refurbishment. You’ve planned your project, your project manager has been briefed and it’s time to start focusing on the details.

How do you know if suspended ceilings are right for your project?

More and more businesses are installing interior glass partitions across their open-plan office spaces. These systems are great for reinforcing the open door policy across your business as well as maximising the light available. How do you strike the balance between creating an inviting work environment for the team, whilst ensuring the space is practical for confidential business? Suspended ceilings are versatile for your specific lighting solutions, can house air-conditioning infrastructure and help reduce noise pollution.

Can suspended ceilings help to restrict sound travelling between meeting spaces?

With its grid and tile system, a suspended ceiling not only allows easy access to important cabling and ducting, but the insulated tiles act as a sound buffer. Suspended ceilings Swindon understands that confidential meetings need to remain confidential and can advise the best materials to create the environment to suit your project.

You’ve chosen your suspended ceiling, now for the installation!

Accredited and experienced installers of high quality suspended ceilings can be hard to find. Suspended ceilings South West have an extensive team of professional commercial installers at their fingertips, ready to take on your project. Health and safety is the most important aspect of any project and suspended ceilings need to be installed safely and to the highest standards. SLP Interiors installers are trained to CSCS NVQ Level 2 and are passionate about each and every project.

At the start of this new decade, create a space that has all the practical elements your business needs, with a suspended ceiling to maximise the best design and environmental materials available.


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