Suspended celings and beyond: effective ways to give your office a fresh look

The office environment that you provide for staff to work in is key to helping boost their productivity and care for their wellbeing. Making sure that your office space is fresh, spacious and pleasurable to work in is a great way to go about this. Over time though, you may find yours gets tired and needs a makeover.

Here are a few great ideas on freshening your office up to make it better to work in.

Suspended ceilings

The first thing to think about is getting rid of your tired old ceiling and putting a modern suspended ceiling in. These types of ceilings usually come in a grid form and are perfect for covering up unsightly features on the original ceiling. As a range of custom tiles can be used to suit your brand or tastes, it is easy to get the exact look you desire. Putting in suspended ceilings will give an instant new look to your space and look much smarter than your current one.

Re-design your space

Sometimes it can be a good idea to simply move your office furniture around. This will not cost anything but can have a dramatic effect on how it feels. Moving just a few desks or cabinets around can open up the space you have or create new areas for staff to use. Re-jigging how your office furniture is laid out will really help make the most of natural light and also affect how usable the space is.

Add a few plants

This is another great tip which is simple to put in place but has a big impact. A few plants placed around your office will help absorb CO2 and cleanse the air in general. They will also put oxygen back into the air to make your office better for staff health. Office plants also look good and will make staff feel happier when they see them each day.

Suspended ceilings Bristol and beyond

If you are based in the Bristol area and want to find out more about suspended ceilings for your office, get in touch today. You will love the great new look they deliver and how making a pleasurable environment to work in will help employees produce more. For the best suspended ceilings south-west businesses have to choose from, get in touch on 0117 214 0852.

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