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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Suspended Ceilings

The 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Suspended Ceilings

Are you thinking about fitting a suspended ceiling? If so, you’ll be keen to understand the pros and cons. There are plenty of misconceptions around. But don’t worry, in this short blog we’ll debunk these false claims so you can decide based on facts – not hearsay.

1. Suspended ceilings take up too much space

A dropped ceiling will reduce the height of an area. But you won’t lose much space. We’re talking about inches rather than feet – so the ambience of your shop or office won’t be compromised.

2. The quality of a drop-down ceiling isn’t great

As with most commercial products, there will be inferior versions. But most suspended ceilings are built to last, making them a great investment. Maintenance is key. You can avoid issues such as sagging by regularly checking the ceiling and panels for leaks or condensation.

3. False ceilings aren’t strong or sturdy enough

It’s true that a standard drop-down won’t tolerate heavy loads. You  should never walk on the surface of one or place objects like fans or light fittings on top. However, you can put support structures in place to overcome these problems, resulting in a ceiling that is adequately strong and sturdy.

4. Installation takes time and is overly complex

Suspended ceilings couldn’t be easier to install. The hardest part is fitting the track work in between which panels will be laid. But expert fitters will have little trouble completing this step, meaning your office or shop refit won’t fall behind schedule.

5. The cost is prohibitive

As with anything, the cost varies depending on the client and type of project. With the right company and materials, a false ceiling can be very affordable.

Why not get in touch with the SLP Interiors team to learn more? As suspended ceiling specialists we know how to create cost-effective, tailored solutions for our clients.