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The advantages of installing suspended ceilings

The advantages of installing suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings, also known as drop ceilings, typically comprise of metal track frameworks suspended from the main ceiling using cables. The ceiling is not part of the permanent house structure but rather serves as a cover for the solid framework. There are four main types of suspended ceilings: exposed grid, concealed grid, bandraster and drywall ceilings. There are many benefits of installing a drop ceiling such as…

Simple to install

These types of ceilings are straight forward to install and the installation process does not cause a lot of disruption. However, installing a ceiling efficiently requires expert skills and knowledge so it’s advisable to seek the services of licensed contractors who will professionally install suspended ceilings in Bristol.

Can easily be removed during repairs

They can easily be removed when you want to do minor repairs or major renovations, unlike traditional plaster ceilings which will require demolition to allow you to reach hidden components. After repairs, you can easily assemble the ceiling back together without spending too much time and money on the task.

Saves energy bills

They are great for providing insulation to the rooms they are installed in because they lower the height of your ceiling. As a result, you’ll save money on energy bills as the space you’ll need to heat up will be less.

Provides soundproofing

Suspended ceilings which are made from fibreglass are great for soundproofing. This is a huge benefit particularly for commercial spaces like offices that need to block all background noises from outside. Besides, they also make spaces feel cosy and peaceful.


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