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The Do’s & Don’ts of a Successful Commercial Fitout

The Do’s & Don’ts of a Successful Commercial Fitout

A successful commercial fit out depends on your ability to juggle all the different requirements of your client. Get it right and you’ll create the ideal workplace. But there are plenty of potential pitfalls between you and success.

What is a commercial fit-out?

Commercial fit-out refers to the work of making the interior of a commercial building suitable for the needs of a client. Ergonomics, workflow, accessibility, comfort and health and safety are just some of the elements you’ll need to consider alongside the actual construction phase.

The following list of do’s and don’ts should help you manage your fit out project successfully.

What are the Do’s in a Commercial Fit-out?

Do plan ahead. Planning ahead is essential for a successful office fit-out. Your plans are the blueprints for everyone from designers to trades like drylining and plastering and need to be clear and actionable.

Do make sure your team knows how to access the site with the minimum of disruption and can work outside office hours when possible. Work with building management to ensure your work meets codes and regulations.

What are the Dont’s in a Commercial Fit-out?

Don’t have more than one point of contact if you want the fit-out and work schedule to run smoothly.

Don’t let the schedule get out of order. Getting tradespeople on-site in sequence is vital for the success of your project so don’t contract for solid partitions and suspended ceilings before the first fit of plumbing and electrics is completed.

Do use the experts

Don’t get stressed out about fit out. At SLP Interiors we offer full commercial and retail fit out services including partitions and suspended ceilings. Get in touch today to find how we can help you achieve a successful commercial fitout for your next project.