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The many benefits of suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings (sometimes known as false ceilings) can be installed in any premises with more than one level. They can be suspended over a given area from the floor above and installation is very easy and affordable. But what exactly are the benefits installing a suspended ceiling? Why should you invest in one for your business premises? In our last blog entry, we talked about the advantages of installing partitions. In this one, we’ll discuss some of the many ways that suspended ceilings can improve your premises.

1. Aesthetic improvement

Suspended ceilings come in a wide variety of designs. If there is a large, alienating space between one floor and the next, or if the underside of each floor is unsightly and exposed, installing a visually appealing suspended ceiling can improve your premises on an aesthetic level. A suspended ceiling can fill the gap between each level and the one above it, while effectively obscuring the underside of each level. Obviously, this can improve the morale of your workforce. However, it can also help you to attract more customers. Remember, prospective customers don’t like to spend time in unattractive spaces, so it’s worth making your premises more inviting with a false ceiling.

2. Sound-proofing

Business premises can be noisy places, regardless of whether they are staff-only office environments or are designed to receive customers. However, the employees on each floor of your premises can carry out their duties much more efficiently if they aren’t disturbed by noises from the floors above and below. Suspended ceilings can help stop sounds penetrating from one floor to the next, thereby giving your employees the peace they need to get on with their work.

3. Insulation

Suspended ceilings are very good at trapping heat because they add an extra layer of insulation between the floors of whichever premises they are installed in. Consequently, they can help drive down your heating costs during winter. They can also reduce your environmental impact by limiting the amount of heat that escapes your premises.

There are a multitude of reasons to install suspended ceilings in your premises, so contact us here at SLP Interiors today. We fit suspended ceilings in Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Wells, Gloucester and across the south west.


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