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Three Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

Three Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

Businesses with offices and retail space across the South West are opening up again into a new, difficult market.

Here are three examples of how businesses in Bristol, Gloucester, Swindon and beyond might freshen up their premises, cut costs and improve productivity by investing in a suspended ceiling.

1. Fresh, Clean Look

Many shops and restaurants, particularly those in old-town premises in places like Bath and Wells, sometimes suffer from a dark, fusty feel which even modern furnishing and decor can’t quite shake.

The days of uniform and drab classroom or council-office ceiling tiles are long gone — installed and designed right, a suspended ceiling can make premises look bright, sleek and clean, adding a new lease of life.

Office space is notoriously unhygienic, with hidden pockets of dust in unreachable corners and a tendency to produce unusual or unpleasant smells from time to time. A suspended ceiling, on the other hand, allows the proper circulation of air, seals off the often-dirty upper section of the office and is simple to keep clean.

2. Improved Lighting Design

A significant proportion of the population report struggling with artificial light, particularly in places like schools, supermarkets and offices. And despite our best efforts, sometimes commercial premises can be very difficult to light evenly.

A suspended ceiling allows a complete or partial rethink of a space’s lighting design and the employment of more modern lighting technology, which should help your employees focus and your customers to feel more comfortable.

3. Heating Savings

The insulative properties of suspended ceilings are well-documented. As we approach autumn and winter, rising energy bills begin to cut into profit for businesses all over the south-west. However, installing a suspended ceiling both improves the general level of insulation in your premises and allows for better distribution of heat via air-circulation systems.

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