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Three top tips to create a captivating retail store

For any retail store, the primary goal is to promote your products so that customers will spend and spread the word. Did you know, however, that this could be impacted by something as simple as your store layout?

Here are some retail interior top tips that could help to increase footfall, and sales.

Plan a route, create a flow

As soon as customers enter your retail space, you want them to view every inch of the store to increase the possibility of them buying. By creatively using product stands and shelving, you will be able to form a pathway throughout the store that visitors will naturally walk through. Positioning stands at the centre of this route at different points encourages customers to stop and view items that they may then want to buy. It is important to achieve this organically, however, still allowing for some freedom to move, rather than carving a restricting path.

Don’t overdo it

Clutter is a retail store’s worst enemy. Overstocked shelves look unappealing, and unprofessional, and are likely to deter customers from taking a closer look. A simple layout will look much cleaner, drawing focus to specific items naturally without forcing your customers to wade through clutter. The same applies for the number of product stands, tables, and shelves you use. Customers don’t want to worry about bumping into other shoppers whilst they’re trying to browse, so give them the space they need to fully appreciate your products.

Continuity throughout

Maintaining design continuity throughout the store looks great, and ensures that your brand identity is reflected in every aspect of your retail business. This can be as simple us using the same lighting and décor throughout every aspect of your store, or using the same furniture to fit with an overall design style. This design also needs to be continued effectively through your window display, to reflect the products you sell, whilst also drawing in customers to find out a little more.

If you feel that your retail space could do with an update, Bristol-based SLP Interiors can help get you started, with expertise in partitions, suspended ceilings, and retail fit-outs. Our dedicated team work with you every step of the way, so get in touch today to see exactly what we can do for you.


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