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5 Things to Consider to Make your Office Partitioning a Success

Nowadays, the thought of “community” and “friendship” in office workspace is becoming a trend and with this trend is the emergence of co-working spaces and open plan offices. In order to give a sense of privacy for each individual, partitions are being used in these environments. In order to make your office partitioning a success, you have to consider a few things.
1.     Aesthetics
A number of people do not take this into consideration when they are planning to partition their office spaces. Aesthetics have a huge impact as to how your environment would feel like, and for office spaces, this is important as it can boost or lower the morale of your employees. So, choosing a partition design would really help. If you want the partition to be made of wood, glass or steel just tell the company you hired and they will do it for you.
2.     Acoustics
Did you know that partitions can be used as an acoustic barrier? Glass and timber materials are the perfect example of this soundproof partitions. It is best to use it in areas where you need privacy, like boardrooms for executives meeting.
3.     Strength
The strength of partitions is as important as its pleasing aesthetic. Remember to look for partitions that will last for a long period of time. You can choose from mesh partitioning, single or double skin partitioning or heavy-duty steel partitioning.
4.     Height
The height of the partitions is very important. The different heights will determine the amount of privacy or storage space in your office space.
5.     Cost
Lastly, the amount that you will spend for the partitioning should always be part of your considerations. It would be best to set a budget and work through that.
If you are interested in having partitions installed, Bristol-based SLP Interiors LTD has the knowledge and expertise to install the partition that will give you the privacy you always wanted. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team today on 0117 214 0852.


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