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Top tips to personalise a small workspace

We spend so much time at work these days that it is almost like a second home. It makes sense, therefore, that you would want to personalise your workspace to make it feel more comfortable, no matter the size. Not only will this help improve productivity, but it will also make you feel more positive about coming to work every day, as it improves your overall working environment.
Need a bit of help finding ways to make your small workspace personal? Here are a few tips to consider.
Plants, plants, plants.
We’ve probably said this a thousand times already, but bringing a plant into your workspace can really brighten things up! Not only is it bringing the beauty of nature into a stuffy office environment, but it will also add a pop of colour to your desk.
Colourful and creative organisation.
If you don’t have a lot of space available, then being creative with your stationery and organisation is a simple and effective way to personalise and add a bit of colour. Bright pens in a quirky pot, interesting paper storage and filing, or even just some pretty ornaments, paperweights, and paperclips can be a great way to personalise your workspace and make it feel a little more homely.
If you have space, consider a print.
For those lucky enough to have a cubicle, hanging a painting, print, or photograph that you find inspiring or engaging will immediately brighten your working area. If you don’t have the wall space, compromise by bringing some smaller picture frames on to your desk. Calming pictures and prints are advised to reduce stress and increase productivity.
Keep it simple!
Personalising your space is one thing, but filling it with unnecessary trinkets will just end up creating a messy workspace. Remember, cluttered desk, cluttered mind, so keep things simple and choose your personal items carefully. The important thing to remember is that personalisation is, well, personal. It should reflect you, and your style and not just mimic something you’ve seen on someone else desk.
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