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Top Tips to Have a More Organised Office Space

It has been proven by various studies that a neat and organised work environment can boost the efficiency of employees and reduce stress at work. Clutter may trigger stress response as the brain feels swamped with the amount of work that has to be done. On the other hand, an organised environment can make you feel in control thus allowing you and your team to hit their goals at the designated time.

We have listed some tips to make your office space more organised to provide more efficiency with your work’s everyday processes.

Minimise desk clutter
Most often the representation of disorganised space is desk clutter. This is where half of the time is consumed by doing desk and computer works and can be considered an important personal space for employees. Freeing up space in this department can boost your employees’ productivity doing desk works. Install undershelf baskets under each desk so employees can organise their documents inside these shelves.

Go Cloud Based
Data stored via cloud should reduce your use of paper, thus cutting down the production of written documents on paper. This also allows for better extraction of data without having the downtime to wait for your coworker to find a certain document for you.

Put a Label
Organising your office space includes labelling everything. Coworkers don’t have to ask where is what if the equipment, document and shelves are labelled. Don’t just stop with labelling these tangible things and start organising your laptop too! Labelling a folder as ‘Drafts’ and the other as ‘Complete’ can save you the time to sort through everything or open each document to find what you’re looking for.

Cover the wires
Bunch of wires will always mesh around each other if you allow your desk space to be disorganised. If you don’t have a slot to cover them up, using binder clips to put them together so it will not look as messy.

If you want to have an organised space on a whole other level, SLP Interiors can provide you with an office fit out that can maximise the efficiency of your work environment. We have an extensive experience in internal refurbishment, including retail, commercial and leisure industries. We carry out office interior projects throughout the South West & UK.


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