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Update Your Ceiling With These 3 Amazing Ideas

Ceilings might be one of the most overlooked parts of the office since employees spend most of their time on their desk facing their desktops or talking to other staff members. You might never notice but it provides more than lighting and insulation. Ceilings can also dictate the aura of your office and can provide aesthetic appeal. Offices that have run-down droopy ceilings can say a lot about the state of their business. Old looking ones can also put off clients and guests which can potentially be lost business.

You don’t have to decide on having a full office revamp to upgrade the look of your office. Having a few changes with your ceiling can drastically improve the state of your dreary office and we shared some ideas below to inspire your next project.

New Paint

Probably the most affordable and simplest design of all is to apply a new paint to your ceiling. Make sure that the colour compliments with the office design and that it will not affect staff performance. Numerous studies have pointed out that specific hues can influence people’s mood. If administrative tasks dominate the operation of your business, the colour blue is proven to calm the mind and boosts productivity to take on projects that require maximum focus.

Chic and Modern Lamps

You can opt out of your ceiling’s boring look by just installing lamps or fans. There are various styles that you can choose from so that it will fit with your interior design. Modern offices strategically place metal hanging lights on employees’ workspaces to have more efficiency and value


Suspended ceilings

If your office ceilings are bare and people can see the exposed pipes, ducts and electrical connections, it might be time to replace that industrial shabby look. Suspended ceilings are a cost-effective option to revamp your office look. It is easy to install, energy efficient and moisture resistant. The improved technology also made it possible to provide a variety of ceiling grid and tile finishes that is tailored to your needs and wants.


If you are interested in having a suspended ceiling installed, Bristol-based SLP Interiors LTD has the knowledge and expertise to install that ceiling you always dreamt of. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team today on 0117 214 0852.


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