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Wall Partitioning: Modern Wall Divider Partition Idea For Your Home

Improving the aesthetics and functionality of your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A clever modern wall partition paired with a contemporary suspended ceiling can redefine the look and feel of a space. Do you like open plan living but still want boundaries between clearly defined areas? A wall divider partition is a savvy choice.

Create storage

A combination of closed base cabinets and open shelves is a great way to divide a small space. You’ll create much-needed storage while letting in natural light – a simple bookcase is an affordable choice.

Reconfigure your interior

Demountable partitions are a clever way to reconfigure your space without the hassle of building walls. Lightweight and easy to install, they’re a good choice for rented accommodation as you can remove them just as quickly.

Design with light

Glazed partitions are a superb choice when you want to make the most of a larger space. Try zoning a large bedroom using glass partitioning to create a sleeping and workspace. Or partition a living room without losing natural light and views.

Carve out a media space

Craving your own soundproof space but don’t have a spare room? Metal stud partitions can be lined with Soundbloc boards to create an area where you can turn it up to 11 while the rest of the house is undisturbed.

Customise your home

Want space to hang your family photos? Or do you need to create a dedicated home office for those WFH days? Customising your home with wall partitions can help you see your home in a new way.

At SLP Interiors, we’re specialists in solid partitions and suspended ceilings in Bristol, Bath and the South West. Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you bring your room partition plans to life.