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What Is The Purpose Of A Suspended Ceiling?

What Is The Purpose Of A Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings are a fantastic way to remodel your interior space. Maybe you want to disguise damaged ceilings or hide pipes and ductwork. Or you could be looking for a modern and eye-catching finish – a false ceiling makes a full-on design statement in its own right. 

If you’re interested in what suspended ceilings can do for your commercial or domestic space, read on to find out more.

What is a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling system is a way of lowering the ceiling height and tidying away insulation, electrics and plumbing. 

First, a contractor will suspend a lightweight metal grid from the original ceiling. Then the grid is covered with your choice of customisable tiles or panels. These can be used for decorative purposes or to improve insulation or diffuse light.

Options for suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are typically found in hospitals, offices and commercial units. But they’re also becoming popular for conservatories and kitchens or rooms with high ceilings, creating a clean and smooth finish.

There are plenty of options for your false ceiling. For example, you can opt for a seamless traditional ceiling style or install panels of different shapes or heights for greater visual appeal.

This type of ceiling is quick and easy to install. There’s minimal disruption and downtime before you can start enjoying the benefits of a suspended ceiling in your home or commercial property.

Purposes of a suspended ceiling

So why should you consider a suspended ceiling in your home or commercial property? 

Design and aesthetics

Suspended ceiling panels and tiles are available in a massive range of colours, materials and designs. So it’s easy to achieve the look and style you require, whether you need your ceiling to be functional or decorative.

The right suspended ceiling can help you improve the aesthetics of a room by enhancing the design and making the most of wasted space. A false ceiling is also incredibly easy to update with LED or textured panels. 

Increase energy efficiency

Insulating your property is a hot topic as energy bills continue to rise. One-third of heat is typically lost through the ceilings and walls. By installing a suspended ceiling, you reduce the ceiling height and cubic space, so less energy is required to heat the room. In addition, warm air is trapped between the ceiling grid and the original ceiling to add an extra layer of insulation.

Look for tile and panel options like fibreglass that offer additional insulation, and you could see a significant impact on your home or office energy bills.

Brighten up interiors

The light in a room significantly impacts the look and feel of the space. For example, offices with high ceilings can suffer from poor light later in the day, negatively impacting comfort and productivity. In addition, poor lighting can lead to headaches, fatigue and eye strain.

Installing a suspended ceiling can brighten up a space. So choose white or light colours with high light reflectance rates. By bouncing light back into the room, you’ll improve visibility and create a light and airy interior.

Improve safety

Fire safety in commercial and retail spaces is of paramount importance. Look for fire-rated tile or panel choices like mineral fibre, as these can be a helpful safety feature, primarily where space is used as a fire escape.

Fire-rated panels and tiles are thoroughly tested, so you can rely on them to maintain their structural integrity. In addition, fire retardant tiles will give you up to 60 minutes to evacuate the building and can help to prevent a raging fire from spreading throughout the building. 

Easy maintenance

A suspended ceiling is a practical way to hide pipework, ductwork and cabling. But in addition to creating a streamlined look, this type of ceiling also makes it easy to access these components for maintenance.

You can access specific areas by removing one or more tiles or panels. There’s no need to disturb the entire structure, and the panels can be put back in place when the job is finished.

Healthy interiors

Spaces like bathrooms and kitchens can be humid, leading to problems with dampness and mould. Airborne moisture can also adversely affect your ceiling tiles if they’re not rated for humidity resistance. 

Combining a non-corroding grid with moisture-resistant ceiling tiles helps to create a healthy interior in damp environments. In addition, look for tiles with a special antimicrobial treatment to eliminate mould and bacteria and improve overall hygiene. Finally, anywhere that cleanliness is of paramount importance, consider installing a suspended ceiling.

Comfortable environments

Suspended ceilings are a great choice in noisy environments, helping to create comfortable and liveable interiors. 

A false ceiling effectively creates a sound barrier between floors, reducing noise from above. The right choice of tiles can also make a huge difference. Sound-absorbent tiles and panels are highly effective at changing the acoustics in a room and creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for work and play.

Enhance your next project with SLP Interiors

The ceiling may not be your first consideration in a new property. But with fuss-free and cost-effective installation plus a raft of great benefits, suspended ceilings could be an excellent fit for your next project.

At SLP Interiors, our skilled and professional team are ready to deliver a top-quality service. As a highly experienced office refurbishment contractor, we offer prices unmatched by our competitors. So for suspended ceilings and more for your next project, contact us today.