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What to Consider When Choosing a Suspended Ceiling

Having a suspended ceiling can improve the functionality of a workplace while delivering practicality and style. With all the benefits it provides, installing a suspended ceiling is being considered by a lot of offices to utilise their neglected upper interior space. If you’re looking to install this in your space as part of your office renovation, you need to consider these things first to ensure that you will get all the details right.


It is important to use materials that promote sustainability and improves carbon footprint. Typically, suspended ceilings are made of materials like aluminium which can be recycled. This option is beneficial not only to the industry but to the consumers as well.


This may not seem important but the tile size has to be considered when choosing a suspended ceiling. Some people prefer large rectangles while others like small squares. Make sure to check out all the options to find out which suits your office best.


Whilst there’s a range of colours available on the market, most suspended ceilings come in industrial white. Choosing a white ceiling can give a clean look to the room, although you should take note that it can get dirty very quickly too.

Future Modifications

Since you may have to repair your suspended ceiling one day, you must consider future repairs in addition to immediate installation. Find out if it is easy to be assembled and dismantled in parts or as a whole.

With over 30 years of experience, SLP Interiors Limited offers full commercial or retail fit out of suspended ceilings, partitions (solid or glazed), dry lining and plastering. Contact us today to discover the benefits of suspended ceilings in your office or commercial space. Call us on 0117 2140852 or email us at info@slpinteriorslimited.com and one of our friendly staff will be in contact with you promptly.


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