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Why choose suspended ceilings in restaurants?

Why choose suspended ceilings in restaurants?

Suspended ceilings are very popular in many commercial and retail premises, including restaurants. But what are the important things to consider when designing your restaurant ceiling?

Why install suspended ceilings in restaurants?

Suspended ceilings can influence some of the most important aspects of restaurant design: ambience, appearance and acoustics. The wide range of designs, colours and structures can completely change the feel and look of the space. Whether, you want an elegant, ambient, cosy or industrial feel to your restaurant, suspended ceilings can help you achieve it. Also, ceiling design has a great influence on the sense of space in the room.

Things to consider

If you want to achieve a certain type of acoustics on the premises, you need to carefully think about the material of the boards being used. As well as the material, the density and thickness of the panels are also important.

It’s also important to consider what will be hidden in the space above the ceiling. Will there be service equipment or infrastructure that may need to be accessed occasionally? If so, the construction of the board edges and grate will determine how easy it is to access the space.

The right type of board can be the key factor in bringing the whole of the ambience of the room together. For example, cosiness and intimacy can be helped by using low mounted concave panels. The colour of the panels can further help achieve the unique effect you’re looking for.

Suspended ceilings are also excellent for hiding a lot of cable and wiring that restaurants invariably have. This helps you be versatile with things like lighting and air-conditioning.

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Overall, design and ambience are key parts of a restaurant’s long-term success. Ceilings are an integral part of that overall design. Contact SLP Interiors today to find out how we might help your business with our high-quality suspended ceilings South West restaurants can benefit from.


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