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Why some suspended ceiling designs fail

Why some suspended ceiling designs fail

Suspended ceilings can be a great way to adjust your workspace to make it your own. From delicate and minimalist solutions in a meeting room to more colourful, intricate designs that can bring the entire office to life, suspended ceilings are a hugely flexible way of changing your office design. However, they’re not always a guaranteed fix, and can often have issues. Here are some of the major issues that you’ll need to consider to make your project a success.

Have your entire project thoroughly designed

Sometimes a designer will get so excited for a project that they won’t consider all aspects of the build before moving forwards. Whether it’s the look of the planned suspended ceiling that isn’t quite finalised or you don’t know the materials you’ll need, starting early can mean that your plan isn’t in place and you start improvising. Improvisation can lead to mistakes in the long run, and your suspended ceiling will be far from its best.

Anticipate the required budget, and be ready for extra costs

A major failing in some projects is inadequate budgeting. Whether the client hasn’t accounted for the initial costs well enough or isn’t prepared for additional costs that might be accrued unexpectedly, running out of money partway through a build will leave your office incomplete and in an unprofessional state.

Make sure all the systems are prepared

Any electrics that are based within the current ceiling will need to be reworked, and that needs to be accounted for. There’s nothing worse than completing a suspended ceiling, then needing to undo all of your progress to make sure the day to day running of your office can still be completed.

To thoroughly plan and create the suspended ceilings South-West businesses rely on, contact SLP Interiors. Our reliable experts have years of experience working with suspended ceilings, and they know how to avoid all of the pitfalls that come with their installation.


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