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Why you should consider a suspended ceiling for your workplace kitchen

Why you should consider a suspended ceiling for your workplace kitchen

If you manage a busy workplace and are tasked with designing an inviting yet safe kitchen environment for staff, installing a suspended ceiling is one of the best decisions you can make. With many employees coming and going, cooking their own meals and storing food, you will want to create an environment that is hygienic and easy to clean.

Why opt for a suspended ceiling?

Ceilings in commercial premises can be difficult to clean. Exposed piping, lighting and wires can make attractive features when displayed properly, but they can present problems when it comes to cleaning. Not to mention, it is potentially dangerous to expose wires and pipes on a kitchen ceiling. In many office buildings, original ceilings can also be very high, presenting further cleaning and maintenance challenges.

Address this potential problem area by installing a suspended ceiling. There are many different types of suspended ceiling to choose from, and they are a great way to cover piping and wiring in commercial kitchens, as well as giving the option of lowered ceiling height. Smooth, flat surfaces are best in kitchen environments, making them simple to clean.

These attractive, hygienic and practical ceiling options can also be installed with design features such as built-in or modular lighting systems, further adding to visual appeal and ease of maintenance.

Safety is paramount

Suspended ceilings can also easily incorporate safety features, such as fire and smoke alarms – particularly important for a workplace kitchen. Furthermore, safely tucking everything away in one void makes it easy to access should you have any issues relating to electricity, plumbing or water.

Finally, suspended ceilings are cost-effective – not only are they affordable to install; they also complement office insulation systems, helping to keep the costs of heating and cooling to a minimum.



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