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Why You Should Install Suspended Ceilings

Installation of suspended ceilings is a rising trend in commercial properties because of its many benefits. We have listed some of these advantages below.

Conceals Mechanical and Structural Components
Suspended ceilings cover the ductwork, pipes, wires and ventilation systems of the actual ceiling which makes it a more cost-effective alternative than performing costly repairs and painting.

Easy to Install
With the right knowledge, the materials for these ceilings can easily be purchased and easily installed. However, it is advisable to employ professionals who are more experienced installing suspended ceilings to ensure safety.

Have Variety of Designs
You can choose the type of material you want to be installed to cover your ceiling. Suspended ceilings are available in plastic, fibre, wood and other materials and also provide a variety of colours.

Less Repair
When it comes to ceilings, repairs can be labour intensive and expensive. You would have to demolish an entire section of the ceiling to reach the hidden components and make the repairs. With suspended ceilings, you only have to remove and reassemble the panels. The process is easy and not messy.

Provides Sound Proofing
If you want your office space to have less noise from outside, installing suspended ceilings with fibreglass should do the trick.

More Cost-efficient
Doing a major fit out or refurbishment should be fairly easy and affordable with suspended ceilings. You don’t have to make an extensive demolition thus providing you with a quicker achievement of your redesign goals.

SLP Interiors has over 30 years of experience in full commercial or retail fit of suspended ceilings, partitions (solid or glazed), dry lining and plastering. Contact us today to discover the benefits of drop ceilings in your office or commercial space. You can benefit from reduced noise pollution, improved heat insulation, and a variety of different modern and attractive finishes, all installed by our fully qualified specialists at SLP.


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