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Factors That Determine The Cost of Your Next Commercial Fit out

A high-quality commercial fit out can help you create a great work environment. But if you want to budget for that perfect CAT A or CAT B fit out, do you know the factors that determine the cost? Planning is critical for a smooth fit out completion, so read on to find out what factors you’ll need to keep top of mind.

The complexity of the work

Your total costs will depend on whether you’re happy with a basic level of decorative work and services. If you require a brand new architectural framework, then your costs will increase.

That’s not to say that modifications to your office like the addition of new flooring or designer furniture won’t make an impact. But a cosmetic makeover is definitely the budget option. Any commercial fit out that involves construction work, including solid partitions and suspended ceilings, will involve higher costs.

Improving office systems

If your operational systems need a complete overhaul, expect to increase your budget accordingly. However, suppose improved connectivity and a more comfortable work environment contribute to the success of your company. In that case, you could find the RoI outweighs the initial costs.

Office size

With fit out costs generally calculated by the square foot, the size of your office will play a crucial part in calculating your budget accurately.

However, you’ll need to consider the needs of your workforce and how that affects the way you use the space. For example, you may prefer to use glazed partitions to maximise the natural light and reduce your energy costs. Any options will need to suit your budget and contribute to the productivity of your business.

If you feel your office is outdated in more ways than one, a commercial fit out could be the solution. At SLP Interiors, we’re experts in commercial fit out, including suspended ceilings in Bristol, Bath and across the southwest. Contact us today to find out more.