Suspended Ceilings

Referred to as false ceilings, generally come in three types:
Exposed lay-in grid, Clip-in ceilings, M/F with plasterboard at SLP Interior Limited we work with all 3.

Lay in grid
Lay in grid ceilings are the most commonly used. A 600 x 600mm or 1200 x 600mm grid is formed with a tile set within. A wide range of tiles are available to suit many situations.

Clip-in Ceilings
Clip-in ceilings are installed generally where the client does not wish to see an exposed grid or where access to the void is restricted. The metal tiles are clipped in to a “T” bar, giving a sleek appearance. Again, a wide range of tiles are available.

M/F Ceilings
M/F ceilings consist of a metal framework being installed and plasterboard fixed to the underside. The plasterboard is then taped and filled or skim plastered to give a monolithic appearance. Multi-layers of boards can be fixed to the framework but it is important to give consideration to loading and specific installation practice.